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By Toplocal on May 05, 2014


Classic Summer Vacation Games you used to play during your Childhood

Remember those childhood carefree days when you were not hooked to the internet or mobile but instead you spent your summer vacation playing some simple yet amazing outdoor games with your friends and cousins.

Here are few classic outdoor games that will make you nostalgic and take you through your childhood:-

1.      Lattu ( The Spinning Top) : once upon a time Lattu used to be the most popular street game of India where there was a  solid ‘turnip shaped’ wooden toy with a grooved lower half with two nails dug at the top and the bottom and a  cotton string  wrapped around the lower half of the ‘lattu’ to make it spin.

2.      Gilli-Danda : the earlier of cricket, Gilli Danda used to be favorite among the boys those days. The objective of the sport was to use the danda (used like a baseball bat) to strike the gilli (similar to striking a ball in the game cricket) and hit it in the ground.

3.    Satoliya/ nagolchu: All you needed for this game was seven stones each of different size in increasing order. You had to place them one over other, smallest stone on the top. Any number of people could play this game and that’s the reason it was most preferred during the school lunch breaks.

4.      Kancha (The Goti Game): Once famous as a Gully sport, kancha was favorite of many young boys in town and villages nearby. It had its own modus operandi; it was played using marbles called ‘Kancha’. The players were to hit the selected target ‘kancha’ using their own marble ball and the winner would take all Kanchas of rest of the players.

There are various other games that many of us used to play such as Corner-Corner, Ice and Water, Dog and the Bone, Hide and Seek, Dark Room and many others. So enough of Facebooking and WhatsApping ….Get into some action this summer and sail back to your childhood days. Try playing these outdoor games and relive your memories!!!!

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