Karma Cafe Ahmedabad

By Toplocal on Jun 23, 2016


People call him Father of nation in India, but he’s the one who has helped even many other nations such as resolving issue of black and white people in South Africa! His philosophy and ideologies do deserve respect and practice to maintain peace all over. It’s his ideology due to which the bloodshed during the Independence of India was less that it would have been otherwise. His simplicity and peace-promoting ideology has influenced lot many people across globe.


Ahmedabad here presents a café that spreads Gandhian ideology. It is a Gandhi themed café that has several books for the visitors and Satvik food that connects one with both taste and health. The books provide insights into ancient lifestyle and architecture of India. The peaceful ambience there provides peace of mind to individuals. It is a different world in itself with a different perspective of living and leading the life. It stimulates thinking about a different angle to the reason and meaning to one’s existence.

The café has an art gallery with various paintings and photographs of Mahatma Gandhi which is open for visitors, that conveys and promotes Gandhian principles in the modern world! It also has an open garden area and a soothing music playing all day long. There is also a store from where one can buy traditional wears for both genders. The attempts have been made to promote the rich ancient heritage, values and culture of ancient India which execute beauty and exoticness that excites every visitor.

To understand the core Indian culture, food and value-system, one must visit here and feel the real India. Secondly, it’s a great place to put the fake world aside, connect to root and sip your beverages with rich and convincing aroma.

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