Patronizing Mosque of The Founder of The City

By Toplocal on Jul 25, 2013


Built in 1414, by the founder of the city Sultan Ahmed Shah, the mosque is one of the oldest monuments. The royal mosque was originally situated in the Bhadra citadel and was meant for offering prayers by the kings and his nobles.

 An Arabic inscription consigns its construction to Sultan Ahmad shah in former times. It represents the earliest architectural style of its kind in the city. Sultan Ahmed Shah mosque is exemplified by patronizing stone, pillars, brackets, beams and corbelled ceilings of regional structures.

Ornamental treatment of the walls on both sides of the central archway anticipated the spiral minarets of the sultanate mosques of Gujarat. The pillared prayer hall is notable for its screen hanging gallery which was used by the king.

The circular symmetric architectural structures of the mosque have reminiscent of Hindu and Jain temples.

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