Gujari Bazaar

By Toplocal on Jun 25, 2013


What is bazaar? Shopping areas, malls, street shops or vendors!! 

Get the authentic experience of a market from the 597years old bazaar sited in the city of Ahmedabad.

Gujari bazaar, well known as Sunday market or ravivaari is established on the embankment of Sabarmati River near Ellis Bridge. It is the mesmerizing place where the ambience of the bazaar is loud, chirpy and packed. One might get lost in the range of things that h/she finds here.

Ravivaari bazaar offers everything that you ask for, be it utensils, home decors, machineries, books, clothes, antiques, vintage collection, accessories and many more. The bazaar has all kind of customers ranging from a localite to foreigners. Students from varied universities have documented ravivaari bazaar by different mediums.

In this new era of shopping malls and supermarket, ravivaari bazaar is this bizarre place that everyone is too fond of. For the residents of Ahmedabad who have not explored ravivaari bazaar, it’s worth visiting and knowing your own city years back and now. 

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