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In order to use the toplocal.in registration and using services, you must first agree to the Terms. You may not use the Services if you do not accept the Terms of Use.

Clicking to accept or agree to the Terms, where this option is made available to you by Toplocal website in the user interface.

Information we collect and how we use it: You should be aware that Content (such as data files, written text, photographs or other files presented to you as part of the Services which we present the business online and that content we display on toplocal.in  webpage with respected business page.

Toplocal reserves the right (but shall have no obligation) to pre-screen, review, flag, filter, modify, refuse or remove any or all Content from any Service.

Toplocal reserves the right to moderate, publish, re-publish, and use all user generated contributions and comments (including but not limited to reviews, profile pictures, comments, likes, favorites, votes) posted on the website as it deems appropriate (whether in whole or in part) for its product(s), whether owned or affiliated. Toplocal is not liable to pay royalty to any user for re-publishing any content across any of its platforms.

When a registered store owner adds any offer/discounts/vouchers, the store owner agrees to allow users to access printed/SMS coupons issued from Toplocal.in.

If you submit any material on the website, you agree thereby to grant Toplocal the right to use, moderate, publish any such work worldwide for any of its product(s), whether owned of affiliated.

You understand that by using the Services you may be exposed to Content that you may find offensive, indecent or objectionable and that, in this respect, you use the Services at your own risk.

You agree that you are solely responsible for (and that Toplocal has no responsibility to you or to any third party for) any Content that you create, transmit or display while using the Services and for the consequences of your actions (including any loss or damage which Toplocal may suffer) by doing so.


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